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Bringing together a community of changemakers to live, work and play, building more potential changemakers from birth.

A changemakers residence, a vibrant space for events and exhibitions, workshops and dialogues, farming and meditation, and for connecting with one another — to live.

The Troyeville House was built in 1902 on a ridge overlooking the Johannesburg inner city. It is now a heritage site, immersed in the eclectic inner-city neighbourhood of ‘Makers Valley’, a microcosm of South Africa and the world.

During our first year, we’re embarking on an organic process, experimenting with the property’s four main spaces — the main house, large community hall, small prayer building, and an open garden — with different activities. While the activities are born from our passions around areas such as early childhood development, community, collaboration, regeneration, education and progress, we realise the ideal use of the house must be explored rather than planned.

Accommodation // Changemakers’ Residence with people working towards the common good in the neighborhood and beyond, short-term stays, and a safe house for women and children. 

Hospitality // Immersive culture and heritage tours.

Education // Changemakers’ Preschool & Early Childhood Development, workshops, lectures, dialogues.

Art // Events, exhibitions, residency programs, theater, studios, cultural exchange programs.

Well-being // Urban permaculture farm, meditation, capoeira, yoga, etc.

Sustainability // Showcase of innovations within the green and circular economy, co-working for social entrepreneurs.

Co-create the space with us. Watch this walk-through and perhaps it will spark something. Whether it’s a dialogue circle, business event, creative workshop, musical performance, or anything else.

Chann de Villiera — A self-professed art and property junkie, Chann is the facilitator of The Troyeville House. She works on various art and space projects through her agency ANNE, including her own space The Madison Building, and previously Victoria Yards. An inner-city kid at heart, she is all about cultivating and developing innovative and sustainable spaces through workable solutions.
Simon Sizwe Mayson — ‘What is a good life really, and how do we get there?’ Simon is exploring this question through his action research PhD. He partners with other aspiring changemakers practicing and living a Wellbeing Economy, with a particular focus on early childhood.
Mohamed Bedri — An environmental engineer and the founder of AsaDuru and NAIO Foundation. Born in Sudan, his current exploration is building regenerative, regional economies across Africa that reimagine all aspects of life.
Julia Jane Persson — A visual storyteller through graphic design, photography, videography, words, and interior, a former elite athlete and altMBA alumni. She is involved with regenerative-ecological-inclusive-social-conscious-focused projects.
Oliver Keisner — With a mixed background in anthropology, finance, and water treatment, Oliver tries to use his time to support a more cohesive and caring social world. He is involved in a few for-profits and non-profit organizations including establishing the Kamwenge Scholarship Fund.